Monday, September 19, 2005

Pia and Megan, September 15

Hi everyone- We were able to get on the internet today so wanted to say hello, update you on what we are finding down here and thank you for both the emotional and monetary support. Our first night here we assisted with the 1600 animals being held in Gonzalez- many are visibly traumatized, some needing medical care and all needing love- we helped with walking, feeding, cleaning and medical care. There has been little order so far so volunteers just jump in a start caring for the sad little guys. There are 400 horses too. There are many pit bulls because fighting is tolerated down here- so there have been some incidences of people posing as volunteers and stealing these dogs- awful- and the fate of these guys looks grim- even though so many of them are sweet as can be. Yesterday we comprised one of the feeding teams and loaded up our van with food and water to make drops in New Orleans, areas like French quarter and surrounding- it is deserted and a mess with all the evidence of the floods that you would expect. We saw a few dead dogs and one notation on a house of a dead human. We were sent to drop food and water for the animals still out there and could only bring in ones that were in truly dire shape and dying. This was because the shelter is full and can’t take more until they move some out- they have the space and the supplies to take tons more but the health dept or LASPCA placed this limit- not sure why- but at least the food/water in the field will keep them going until space opens or their parents return. So we fed many scared thin babies- cats dogs chickens and a goldfish! One puppy wouldn’t stop jumping up on Megan. We brought in one truly emaciated pit, who was cautious when she saw us and then crawled in Pia's lap ands started licking her face- needless to say that started the human waterworks. And we also rescued a kitten that was very thin- who incidently placed Pia at ER last night due to jaws of steel! Pia got a bad bite from her and needed IV antibiotics for infection- it is unclear if more ER care will be needed as the infection is pretty bad. We are not exactly running back to the ER, given that they’re first question of us was if she had a living will or do not resucitate orders. . We had thought we’d relay this tale as one in which a mountain lion attacked her (given that getting your butt kicked by a kitten is not very impressive)- but there you have it the true tale. We had 4 U.S. Marshalls with us when it happened and they seemed impressed by Pia’s command of obscene language. But they were super helpful- kicking in doors for us and dressing Pia’s wound. Incidentally, the national guard, U.S. Marshals and other officials have been amazing- they are concerned for the animals stopping us to lead us to addresses where animals need care- they have been feeding them as they can- they even reported bringing a baby pit who had been attacked and a turtle in to a shelter. And they took us to a dog that had been chained this whole time and was a skeleton- they had cut the chain earlier that day. One guy had dog biscuits in an empty gun holster at his waist! . Megan has had them all in stitches with her comedic commentary. We’ll forward photos if we can- Today we will be going to get a dog at an address forwarded by Abbie, the Executive Director of, got a call from a woman who spoke with a marshal that had found the dog alive in the house and fed him- we will go to the house today and try to retrieve him so she can get him when she arrives from Texas tonight. Hopefully it will pan out well. That’s all for now- they really need assistance down here- of all kinds- the animals coming in will be needing care for quite some time as owners are given an opportunity to reclaim them- Gonzales seems to be the biggest volunteer center and there are some others too. If you or anyone you know can come help-- please come-it is needed! David Meyer from has arranged to come with board member Steve Abbey and so has our friend Dave K- hooray! We’ll keep you posted as we can- sending you all our best-Love, Pia and Megan


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It's been almost a year after katrina, but still we need volunteers urgently to feed and water animals.
Residents and out-of-towners desperately needed. Warehouse animal care needed. Can you help us?

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