Friday, September 23, 2005

Abbie's Update - September 23

I'm still safely in Los Angeles, wishing I could go help my comrades in New Orleans, but since I'm the only staff member of, I know I need to stay behind and give my support from here.

I spoke to David Meyer earlier today, and since he no longer has internet access, I thought I'd update you on his behalf. I'm sure I won't be nearly as eloquent as either David or Pia, but I just wanted to let you know how serious the situation in New Orleans is today.

When I spoke to him, David was in his car inside the city of New Orleans. Although the city was supposed to be closed off, and despite the fact that parts of the city were already flooded from the first signs of Hurricane Rita, David organized a team of volunteers to enter the city and try to save as many pets as possible before the storm really hits hard. In ten minutes, he was able to round up four dogs and wrangle them into his car. That is truly miraculous. He then got word over his radio that the Lamar Dixon Animal Shelter was under a tornado watch. Yep, a tornado watch. Most of the crew at the shelter had already evacuated, and the remaining 30 or so volunteers were huddled together in bathrooms, hoping the tornado would pass by. As I talked to him, David was facing a tough decision: head back across the causeway to the Lamar Dixon Animal Shelter and risk crossing the path of the tornado or stay in New Orleans, which was rapidly becoming more and more flooded, and possibly getting trapped. He decided to take a chance and head for Gonzales.

I've forgotten to mention that Pia was conferenced in on the call with us. Pia is temporarily back home, and she is having a very hard time being away from her rescue work in New Orleans. She is very anxious to get back there, and through her tears, offered to get in her car and drive across the country to help David hold down the fort at Lamar Dixon. Pia is amazing; I just can't say enough about how enormous her heart is.

Before David signed off, he said something that I will never forget. I will try and recount it verbatim. He said to us, "Now, you guys know I'm going to be okay, and I know I'm going to be okay. But, just for the record, if I'm not okay...(he paused here, getting very emotional) let me compose myself...if I'm not okay, I just want to say that there's no better way to go. I would be proud."

He went on to say, "If everybody has to evacuate Lamar Dixon, and there's just one person there to watch over the 2,000 pets there tonight, you can bet that person will be me."

We believe you, David. We certainly do.

Stay safe tonight.


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For the next noaa hurricane ; the easy way to keep going.

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